While many may have visited Phuket, living at Otium Phuket will give you the opportunity to step out and really enjoy the island for its exquisite scenery and wide range of activities. We have compiled a list of things to explore when you move into the area.

Beach hopping

Otium Phuket is situated on the beautiful Kamala beach, with arguably the best sunset on the island only a stone’s throw from the village. A short shuttle ride will take you to the exquisite Bang Tao beach that stretches over 6 kms to Layan Bay. Good to go early in the morning if you want a leisurely walk before the sun gets too hot. Here you will also find Catch Beach Club and Dreams Beach Club, as well as a selection of local restaurants and bars. If you wish to take a drive down the coast for the day, head to the beaches in the south of the island and have breakfast on the beach at Ao Yon for a more secluded spot.

Scuba Diving and snorkeling

Phuket is the doorway to one of the top ten dive sites in the world, the Similan Islands. Accessible from Phuket or via Khao Lak, this archipelago of eleven islands is a truly magical underwater paradise. If you are an experienced diver spend a few days on a liveaboard to experience the whole area or if you are happier on the surface, the quality snorkeling will definitely delight.

As part of Thailand’s ongoing conservation efforts some of the islands are permanently closed to protect the sea turtle nesting grounds and others are closed for the rainy season to reduce visitor impact.

There are numerous dive schools on the island, so whether you are a beginner or need to do a refresher course there is something for everyone. There is no age limit to diving – if you keep yourself fit and discuss any conditions with your dive instructor any concerns can be put to bed. Its an experience not to be missed.

 Volunteering and charity work

As with any area there are communities and causes excited to get you involved. In Phuket, Otium has relationships with local charities close to the village that we will regularly organise activities with but there are lots of options to give your time and skills to that will make a difference on the island. Whether its at a local language school, the children’s charities in Kamala or helping women with HIV, the lifestyle team can ensure you find the right fit for you. For those interested in environmental conservation or animal welfare there are various turtle conservation activities, organisations that look after the dogs and cats in Thailand, monkey rehabilitation centres and elephant sanctuaries. As well as actively participating in charity activities there are also many activities that need supporting to fund various organisations on the island.

Local sports clubs

While there is plenty to keep you active at the Otium Club facilities, Kamala and the surrounding areas are also home to numerous local sports clubs that cater for a wider group. Kamala has its own lawn bowls club who holds regular tournaments. There are tennis courts available in the area close to Kamala if you wish to challenge a friend to a match, or if you wish to join a club there are a number on the island. There are also cycling clubs across the island that cater for all levels whether for social cycling or more serious triathlon training.


Phuket has a large Central mall towards Phuket town which will satisfy the need for access to International brands and familiar eateries. In addition, there are similar malls down the beach in Patong. Well-known brands like Ikea also exist for shopping or ordering for your home. However, if you are looking for more informal browsing, there are numerous markets up and down the coast each day that will offer all the more local wares and traditional street food. Each beach area has its own array of artisan shops covering décor, nursery, furniture, art and housewares at all price levels. Online shopping is also available for delivery in Phuket through the likes of Lazada or individual outlets who offer delivery directly or through partners.

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