When preparing for retirement, your future health care needs are going to be top of mind. This is particularly true if you are looking to retire abroad.

Otium is a retirement village, designed for you to enjoy an exciting, independent lifestyle amongst friends and family. However, to truly enjoy life in later years, we ensure that our retirement villages offer the security and confidence that all your health needs can be taken care of. We are absolutely not a care home, however that doesn’t mean that you can’t plan to live in your Otium property indefinitely, with all the care and facilities you may need.

There are many thoughts that may come to mind about health care and medical support. We look to cover off some of the questions we have received and provide insight into things you may not have thought about. South East Asia is known for its quality medical care and you can be sure you will have access to the best at Otium.


Preventative Care

Otium villages partner with wellness specialists who have dedicated programmes and expertise for those over 50. As part of the Otium Club membership you will qualify for a complimentary medical every year, to help you get vital information about your health. The Wellness Centre offers a wide variety of programmes if you wish to improve certain aspects of your health through activity and nutrition plans. As our partners operate independently, there is no pressure and you can decide if you want to work on an ongoing basis or if you want to pop into the centre for a massage or beauty treatment.


Emergency Medical Care

There is an emergency first response medical suite onsite in each Otium village. Manned 24/7, this suite is available for any emergencies that require immediate treatment or stabilisation. With specialist emergency professionals, you will be in good hands while help is on its way, or transport is organised if required. Otium villages are located in areas that have access to world class hospitals and local clinics.


Day to Day Support

There may be times when you are ill, have had surgery or simply need additional support with daily activities. Otium Care is an in-home service available to all residents should you need it. Whether it is assistance with medication, wound dressing, getting dressed or bathing, Otium Care will provide a dedicated carer to assist you, in the familiarity and comfort of your own home. Whether you need someone for a couple of hours a week or every day, packages are available to suit your requirements. All our carers are highly trained professionals and operate with the utmost discretion. Your carer will be familiar with your requirements and your home, to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. They can also accompany you to appointments or pick up medication. Otium villages also have a regular shuttle service to local medical facilities to assist with regular check-ups.


Ongoing Medical Care

If your medical or support care needs become daily, there are options to consider. Otium Care can provide a part time or full time carer who visits daily. Alternatively, you may choose to have a carer who lives in the property with you. Many of the Otium properties make provision for a +1 room in their design that can be used for this purpose. As your Otium property is your home, you are able to make any adaptations that may be necessary for your ongoing care and comfort. The design of the units has a consideration for some support and access needs, but anything additional can be built or brought in as required.


Medical Insurance

The cost of medical care can be variable dependent on the country and the prevailing exchange rate. Many countries require a minimum income or savings to qualify for a retirement visa. In addition, they may require a certain level of private medical insurance if you are an expat. There are age restrictions on some policies and providers, so shopping around is critical. Before purchasing, contact the concierge at your chosen Otium village to see if there are local partnerships that you could benefit from both in value and age restrictions.

They will also be able to give you an idea of local costs and Otium Care pricing*. Alternatively having a dedicated saving for medical expenses may be advisable. Due to the high price of care homes and carer services in many countries, these can be compared to establish how cost efficient the in-home care alternative at a retirement village can be.

*Please note this is for operating villages rather than off plan purchases. For these costs will be available approx. 6 months prior to opening.


Leaving the Village

Otium villages are designed to be your forever home and support an independent lifestyle. With the ability to be supported by the Otium team, and adapt both your home and your level of care as your needs change, there generally should be no requirement to leave the village. Should your health be such, that there is a concern for your safety or that of others, the team at Otium will assist as required, to ensure you get the best care and an appropriate solution is put in place. While these conversations may seem unnecessary when starting your retirement, we will ask for you to stipulate your wishes together with your family or designated persons to ensure that we always act in your best interests.


While no one wants to think about ill health or getting older, Otium villages will look to make sure you can live comfortably knowing you have nothing to worry about and all your needs will be catered for.