For many years, retirees in the UK, Australia and the US have been discovering the advantages of living in retirement villages. With an active community, fantastic facilities and the comfort of always having assistance nearby, they have become a sought-after destination for people looking to enjoy their post-work life to the full, surrounded by family and friends. Otium is now pioneering this concept in South East Asia, to offer an exciting, fun-filled living option to retirees in the region.

The recent world events and the impact of COVID-19, particularly on the older population, have really highlighted some of the things that are keeping people awake at night, and influencing their choices of how and where they should retire to.

We are relying on a vaccine to be developed and effective treatments to be available in the near future. However many of our prospective residents have raised the question … “What will you do if this happens again? How will you keep me safe?”

Safety and security are one of the main reasons, more and more people are choosing retirement villages. The self-contained nature of the Otium villages offers key advantages.


  • Each village will have a protocol for infectious disease control. This will be managed by the property manager alongside the Otium Care team.
  • The village has access control and can be shut to outsiders immediately a risk exists.
  • In a retirement village, you live independently in the comfort of your own home, with all your creature comforts, plenty of space and privacy. You are not reliant on communal areas, reducing unnecessary contact with others and the risk you may experience in a care home or similar.
  • Access control also allows for screening/testing of all visitors should the need arise.
  • All staff and visitors are able to be tracked and traced as they are recorded whenever they enter and leave the village.
  • In the event of a lock down, each village is self-sufficient and is able to provide food, supplies, services and basic medical care without residents leaving the village.
  • Medical staff are always onsite, so early detection is likely should anyone be concerned about their health. They are well trained in the correct practice to be followed should any contagious condition be suspected.
  • The medical team will ensure all residents have access to the latest preventative and treatment options.
  • The grounds and communal areas are managed and cleaned by Otium, so additional sanitising and any procedural measures are able to be put in place quickly and consistently.
  • The residents and the Otium team will be in constant communication allowing for residents to be informed and have questions answered as they arise.
  • The Village is also able to connect residents with their friends and families through technology and assist in more personal aspects like celebrating of special occasions, if access is controlled or restricted.
  • Otium’s concierge will assist with administrative issues like visa renewals, check-ins and hospital visits, where special considerations are needed.
  • One of the major concerns is isolation, which is particularly prevalent during times like now with COVID 19. The village provides residents with the comfort of having people close by all the time, looking out for their wellbeing, providing companionship and entertainment.
  • Response to a serious infectious disease needs to be decisive and implemented very quickly and efficiently. The Otium villages are ideal in their ability to keep their residents safe and comfortable in this regard.


As the world collectively learns how to handle this scale of pandemic, we will continue to invest in training and constantly adjust operations to ensure our residents are safe and comfortable during exceptional times. While these circumstances have seen many separated and isolated from their family and friends, and nothing can replace the company and comfort of loved ones, we will make sure that our residents are safe and there is always someone close by to ease concerns or just have a chat.