When we gathered all the insight available to us from around the world and specifically from the hundreds of retirees we have spoken to across South East Asia in the last five years, it was clear that luxury has a different dimension in retirement. Based on all these conversations, Otium sought to create a village that spoke to this nuanced definition with key aspects integrated into the design.

While the definition of luxury is different person to person, there were some themes that were universally appreciated and more highly valued in retirement living.

  1. Space

Space, space and more space. This was the all-important requirement to be considered luxury. As typically, retirees spend more time in their homes and nearby environment, it was key that residents felt a sense of space and freedom, day to day. In home, this was open plan, ease of movement, height, large terraces and flowing living and even entertainment spaces. In communal areas, this was about having a sense of scale, line of sight across gardens and facilities and also having enough space for quiet and private areas that felt more secluded. The overall village should feel spacious with wide walkways, expansive gardens, lots of greenery, dedicated parking for themselves and visitors and lots of places to explore.

  1. Peace of Mind

The last thing anyone wants to do in their retirement is worry. The Otium approach of full concierge looks to create a stress-free environment and allow residents to focus on the important task of enjoying themselves. Each village is run by a Lifestyle Director and their team, who are available 24/7. They can help with basic day to day needs like transport, maintenance or restaurant bookings but are also available to help tackle more complex projects like remodeling or financial arrangements. Nothing is too much trouble for this team. This philosophy also extends to the fee structure and administrative aspects of living at Otium, where the team will look to ensure you have full visibility of all considerations and options available to you before, during and after your stay in the village.

  1. Community and lifestyle

As social circles get smaller and typical activities and facilities become less convenient, we heard from retirees and those preparing to retire, that they were really keen to keep up their participation in the community. Meeting new people and enjoying favourite hobbies and sports and trying new ones they have had on their wish list for a while.

Having a community of people to socialise with and creating new relationships was a key driver of how the Otium village concept is designed to bring diverse yet like-minded people together. The facilities in the village are exclusive and world class with all the benefits of a private members club on the doorstep. We also engage strongly with the local community around each village in terms of giving back through charity initiatives, skills sharing and fundraising. As part of the Otium community, owners are able to take advantage of the reciprocity club which allows them to explore the world and travel to other villages and partner villages across the network, all with the familiarity and quality of home.

  1. Safety and security

Ensuring that all our residents are in safe hands came through loud and clear in our research. Each Otium village is equipped with access control and CCTV in all public areas. There is a 24-hr. emergency first response medical suite on site to handle any unforeseen incidents. Residents have the option to include the latest monitoring technology in their home or use wearable technology that is monitored around the clock by the medical suite. The Otium team is ever present in the village and always available to assist so our residents can feel that there is always someone looking out for them

  1. Independence

Having world class amenities, a large social group and any routine or health needs taken care of, allows our residents to live an independent life within their own homes. All units have parking so residents can travel on their own or using travel services and shuttles organised through our concierge service. Modifications to homes and specialist care needs are able to be accommodated and part time or live in help are provided for. All property and facilities are designed to be fit for purpose, discreetly accommodating and overall inspiring places to live.

  1. Facilities

While each village is different and designed for its specific location, the facilities are anything but ordinary and depending on the area may include bars, restaurants, delis, gyms, lap pools, dance studios, library, art studio, outside amphitheatres or even a cinema and of course the staple Health and Wellness centre for lifestyle programmes and even a bit of pampering.


While the Otium villages are designed with world famous architects and interior designers with quality, craftsmanship and sustainable, local materials, they are more than just the material luxury, they are a lifestyle of fun, excitement and comfort second to none. With Otium taking care of all of the upkeep of the village the property remains pristine for all our owners to enjoy the luxury of living in a care free beautiful oasis.