Health and fitness technology has been sweeping the wellness market for some years now. Being able to see key measures and track progress has really made a healthy lifestyle much easier to achieve. Not only have these advances opened the door for retirees to enjoy an active lifestyle, but it has also brought a wealth of exciting developments in comfort, safety and security.

Good health is the cornerstone of an enjoyable retirement. At Otium we look to ensure that our owners and residents have access to the latest technology and services. These can help ensure you have the freedom to enjoy all the activities you love, and live a healthy lifestyle in the comfort of your own home.

While each Otium village will offer a variety of the most up to date options to its owners, there are some particularly exciting trends currently driving the design of the Otium village and services:


Personal health technology

Many are already using their smartphones and apps such as MyFitnessPal to track diet and daily activity levels – steps taken, distance covered and calories burned. Wearable devices like Fitbit and Apple smart watches also add health tracking for heart rate and sleep patterns.

Smart scales, like Xiaomi Mi with its Mi Fit app take this one step further. In-depth measures for bone mass, muscle mass and body fat, including visceral fat (that undesirable internal belly fat), are now available with a quick step onto your scale at home. These indicators give real insight that can ensure action is taken to ward off osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and a myriad of other conditions that can go undetected.

While overall health is tracked in many ways, there are also significant developments in managing specific conditions. Recent years have seen the appearance of non-invasive skin sensors to track blood sugar levels for diabetics. These sensors look to provide continuous glucose monitoring, reducing the need for frequent fingertip testing.

Multiple manufacturers are now also investing in blood pressure monitoring. This can be measured through a wearable device or integrated into an existing device, so you can stay on top of any sudden changes and keep your physician up to date.

If you are working with a personal trainer, a doctor or a wellness consultant in the Otium village, all of the data collected can be shared, if you wish. This can be used for recommendations and adjustments to get the most out of your plan.


Emergency care

While ongoing health and care is important, it’s usually the unexpected that worries us the most. Each Otium village has an emergency first response suite with trained medical staff, that operates 24 hrs. a day. The team is available at a moment’s notice, through the quick dial on your phone; but what happens if you are not able to get to the phone? Owners in Otium villages will be given the option to install voice activated calling in their homes, either through existing systems like Google Home or dedicated Bluetooth activated systems linked directly to the Otium reception and medical suite.

In the unfortunate situation where consciousness is lost, or you become disoriented,  specialist watches and wearables will get you the help you need. A fall detection feature on the new Apple Watch is able to detect a hard drop, and alert the emergency contact, while tapping your wrist and sounding an alarm, so assistance will be on its way in minutes.

If you are not a fan of wearable devices, but would like to have that extra piece of mind, options are available to install an in-home fall sensor. These detect unusual movement and incidents and automatically call for help.


In home technology

Voice activated technology is not only helpful in an emergency, but also in making day to day tasks easier in the home. Heavy curtains and hard to reach blinds can be opened and closed at the touch of a button or by voice command.

Extra features are available that can automatically turn lights off, turn the stove off and check the iron. You can set a reminder if your favourite programme is about to start, your gym class is coming up or its time to take medication. You can set the air conditioning or thermostat to ensure your home is perfect when you arrive or that it is turned on just before you wake up, to conserve energy.

For those who prefer, there is also the option to install in home cameras, doorbell cameras and automatic locking systems. The central control team at Otium can also monitor linked smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for additional safety.


Out of home technology

While in an Otium village there is the constant presence of people and easy access to assistance. However, much of the fun is getting out and exploring the surrounding areas. GPS and cellular technology now allow that extra security when you venture further afield. If you wish, you can link this to the Otium security desk. If you perhaps get stranded, lost, have an emergency or even get caught in an unfortunate downpour, your phone or watch can be used to track your exact location and make sure you can be located and assisted with ease.

Otium villages are designed for freedom and enjoyment. Any devices or services are by owner request and are easily integrated into existing technology or subtly aligned with the design of your unit.


*The products and technology mentioned in this article are indicative only. The latest technology will be offered to owners in the final phases of completion of their unit or sale.

Please note that Otium does not endorse any of the company’s or brands mentioned