Otium. Luxury retirement living.

Otium Living was incorporated in Singapore in 2017 by CEO and founder, Daniel Holmes, and brings together a team of experts in market insight, medical expertise and hospitality. Operating in partnership with the region’s most reputable property developers, Otium strives to establish the industry standard in luxury retirement lifestyle, specifically for the over 50’s market.

Vision, Mission & Values.

Our Vision
To be the leading development consultant and operator of luxury retirement living communities in South East Asia.

Our Mission
Creating vibrant and inspiring communities where older people can live in their own homes, leading independent and fulfilling lifestyles in a beautiful and secure environment.

Our Values
Ensuring our principles are reflected in everything we create, we created a foundation to our brand to help us communicate who we are, how we talk to and how we live to be; Pioneering, Liberating, Caring, Neighbourly and Sophisticated.

Otium Services.

From concept creation to healthcare delivery plans, we offer a range of services and skills that set us apart as world-leading luxury retirement consultants.

Market Research

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Design and Development consultation

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Sales & Marketing

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Medical & wellness program development

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Operations and property management

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The Otium Executive.

Meet our diverse team of luxury retirement professionals, who bring their local and global expertise to the table.

Mr Daniel Holmes

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Dr Nart Fongsmut M.D.

Director of Medical Affairs

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Mr Paul Cousins

Director of Customer Insights

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Ms Tracey Lee

Director of Marketing

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Otium Partners.

United in our vision, mission and values – any business is only as strong as the partnerships it forms and we are particular proud of ours.

Otium Contact.

With over 35 years collective experience in retirement, Otium has spent the last 5 years gaining a detailed understanding of the specific needs of people planning and enjoying their retirement in South East Asia.

Otium continues to invest in research to develop and evolve the offering for those approaching retirement, as the aging population opens new opportunities to see retirement differently in the future.

If you are interested in consultation for a project or are looking to invest in the retirement sector, please do contact us.

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